About Us

Washington Artillery Fifth Company returns to the glory of the battlefield through our outfit. We are the premier Artillerists in the Southeastern United States. We are currently having a custom-made, brand-new reproduction artillery piece, including a Limber, Ammo Box, and all the accouterments manufactured by Firebrand, Inc. (well known in the museum, historical collector, and reenacting communities under the trade name Historical Ordnance Works, located in Woodstock, Georgia), the premier Civil War cannon manufacturer in the United States. Given the foregoing, we are looking for recruits. Whether you are a history buff who stumbled upon our website, or an experienced artillerist or reenactor, whether infantry or cavalry, we are looking for a few good recruits. Please contact us to discuss joining our outfit. We are also available for motion pictures, serving at historical events, either by garrisoning forts or other locations, and educational opportunities for schools and civic groups, at your disposal. We also have an original 1861 6-pounder Cannon manufactured at the Noble Brothers Foundry, in Rome, Georgia, which saw action during the Civil War, plus a 12-pounder Cannon, and a mountain howitzer. So, we will be adding a new cannon to our outfit and we need recruits to join our group.
Our website was created and developed by Christopher Re, who is an upcoming historian and has a YouTube channel called Adventure’s with Chris where he travels around battlefields from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. He also attends multiple reenactments of both wars and he has great content on his channel! So, if you enjoy history, his channel is a great spot to visit; and if you are needing a website for your unit or personally, you can reach Chris below:

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